May 25, 2011

Weekend Goals

While C was contentedly napping on our flight home Tuesday, J and I revisited our home schedule (or lack thereof). Like I've mentioned before, we really don't know how to stop when it comes to working on our house. It's seriously going to take us YEARS to get this place looking like we want it. Yep, years.... Coming from someone who throws herself into a project 150% (possible?) until it is done, this is hard for me to accept. Take it slow? Take our time? REALLY??? Can't we just bury ourselves in house fixin' for 5 years and then bask in the glowing beauty for 30 years? WHY NOT???

Oh, because there's a baby here now. And he's generally more demanding than the house. And he's pretty loud and insistent. And dang cute and appealing to play with:)

And then there's that tension that creeps in if hubby and I don't relax, go on occasional date afternoons, or cuddle on the couch with a movie once in a while.

And our extended family wants to see us once in a while;)

And reading books, playing games, and watching high quality TV shows like 30 Rock, Community, and Modern Family are very important;)

Yeah, lots of things are more important than perfecting our Estate THIS VERY MINUTE. We need to be slackers. Our vacation proved that. While vacationing, I was surfing the Interwebs one night and looked over to see my hubby playing a computer game. I haven't seen him doing that since last fall and that's pretty sad. J loves independent and well made games as much as I love reading books but neither of us have been "indulging" in those hobbies much lately.

Long story short: New Schedule says:
  1. We will NOT do housework in the evening (other than cooking and cleaning up dinner).
  2. We will only work on the house for 4-5 hours each weekend day. 8-10 hours the whole weekend sounds good!
  3. We'll loan our kid to grandparents every other weekend to go on a date.
  4. I will focus more on playing/teaching my kid when he's awake since that is MY JOB. Oddly, not painting/weeding/constantly working makes me feel guilty and I HATE that. It's like I don't value my child. I value my house more?
  5. We're going to try to let things go, i.e. cleanliness standards. I'll have to work on this since J is already pretty good at overlooking messes;)

So our goals for this weekend are:
  1. Plant strawberry and raspberry plants. Somewhere. Probably involves prepping said area.
  2. Weed the front flowerbed! Oh it's soo big:( (That's what she said).
  3. Pressure wash the deck and gross exterior parts of the house.
  4. Buy sealant and begin sealing the deck.
We can DOOOOOO it!!!