May 4, 2011

Living Room

So what do you call it? A living room or front room? Or family room? Or even den? What is the distinction? Guess I never learned.

We call ours a living room.

And here it is!!!!!

Sometimes I don't know what made us buy this crazy house to begin with. Sure, it's pretty now but dang it was a mess. Then I think: Oh yeah, that fireplace! THAT'S what made us (really me) want this house so much!
Wow, I love my big stone fireplace:) Maybe as much as my baby? Hmmmm. I guess not quite. ;)
Also- that missing piece of flooring is still missing now only it's covered by a rug. We'll get to it one day!

Turning around from the last shot you see this. Or rather SAW this. It's prettier now.

This window still needs to be replaced since one of the double panes is broken and the window sash outside is rotted. We'll do that when it is warmer. Until then, my dad pulled out the broken layer of glass so it doesn't look jagged and I blow dried that plastic wrap stuff over the remaining window pane to keep the cold air out. So now we have one normal window and one single pane window and that works for now! Don't tell the robbers about this window though.... Wowo I said window so much here.

The foyer with more of my favorite features: stone-ish floor leading to the wood staircase:) The rest of the downstairs is wood laminate but the staircase is real wood!

These were the light fixtures we started with in here and in the connecting playroom (playroom will be another post another day). Yep, that's a light on the fireplace stone. So classy!!!! Hard to believe that the remaining hole (after the offending light was removed) is even CLASSIER!!!!

This is how C spent about 3 weeks of his life: swinging, grinning, whining, sleeping, crying, playing, and generally being a little ignored in the chilly house while we worked. Then we moved in (yay!!!) and only the being ignored changed. Though yeah, he still gets that sometimes.

Painting the living room! We used Dutch Boy Zero VOC for all the walls so they took 2 coats. Okayish paint. At least we didn't breathe in any icky chemicals while painting for HOURS. C is actually playing on the floor there. Back then he didn't move. You'd set him down and he'd maybe roll over and that was IT. Not so much now....

Looking toward the playroom. We painted this wall a nice brown:) Later I used that brown, mixed it with white, and painted our master bathroom. I tend to do a lot of my own paint mixing with leftover paints. 3 rooms in our Estate are a SARAH COLOR. Yes, that's my brand name.

We have moved in!!! We are relaxing more. Well, not really. We are still working every evening and all weekend. We are getting tired. There may be occasional snapping and bickering happening due to this overworking.

J took down the foyer light and I spray painted it. Used to be gold. Yup, that's a small triangle of spray paint on the glass. SO WHAT?????
I still need to paint two lights in the living room and we replaced the one in the playroom. I also still need to work on my camera's settings when photographing lights. I was in a hurry is my excuse. Otherwise these pictures would have been A WORK OF ART. ART I TELL YOU!!!

I love this umbrella holder thingie. I was going to toss it at our old house since we didn't have room for it. J thought we should keep it so we did and it looks so nice here. You should come over and see it!!

I'm painting the foyer trim white but we decided to keep the living room trim brown since it contrasts so nicely with the turquoise walls.

This living room is really making me hone my camera skills too, just like the lights. Here's the best of the bad shots.

Here's a better shot from another day.

Here's what we do in the living room. Party. Watch the Superbowl. Vacuum. PS- I love my $50 Craigslist rug soooo much:) I might rescue it in a fire if I had enough time. It's cheery, soft, high quality, and wonderful.

The living room is my favorite room in the house:) And btw, we aren't working all evening and every weekend anymore:) We only work 1-2 evenings a week and 1-2 weekend days. And we are taking a vacation in 2 weeks!!! Bickering has greatly subsided for J but recently increased for me due to baby C's sleep habits. Disappointing that my boss demands I keep very weird hours... Wish he'd come to his senses one day. Good thing I love him beyond measure!!


  1. I have really enjoyed these house tour posts. The brown wall looks great!

  2. Thanks! It was a daring-ish wall but it turned out very nice!

  3. I love your house! I have very little shelf life (money) for continuing to improve our living conditions! I could peruse a catalog/decorating blogs all day but when it comes to picking up a tool or getting out the credit card I suddenly become very very busy.