May 28, 2011

Link Love:)

I've got a few tabs open in Chrome that I thought I would share!

I want to make one of these! I've always thought an emergency container would be a good idea so I've started collecting water and food for it. I'll add a jump bag to my list too (or instead?).

A few different ways to have a nice lawn without using chemicals.

Until we save enough moola for granite countertops, I wonder if we could make these?

Whole wheat chocolate chip cookies with peanut butter and oatmeal? And they taste so yummmm too:)

Check out what these parents are doing. I understand the concept but ~wow~.....

That's all for now. Watching Panyo with the nephews, husband, and brother in law after working all day. Relaxing tomorrow!!


  1. Those countertops are so crazy to me! I actually really like the look (in those pictures and in person). BUT I saw one home improvement show where people tried to DIY a concrete tub surround with less than perfect results, and that makes me a little nervous. Do you think you'd really try them?

  2. There's an 80% chance we'll save enough money for counters before we'll get around to MAKING counters;) Not that we'll be rolling in the dough but I bet the fear of failure and busyness will keep us from concrete counter-dom!!