May 21, 2011

NC Saturday

Today marked the start of the "I Have Lost Track of What Day of the Week It Is" part of our vacation. Since I tend to do this at home occasionally, I suppose it's really not a big deal.....

Today was beach day! We managed to get to the beach (3 blocks from our rented house) at 9:30ish and were back home with fussy kids at 11:00. Shower, naps, lunch, more family arriving, then back to the beach around 2:00! Done swimming a couple hours later, showered, ordered seafood and Thai for dinner (from 2 different restaurants), watched Monsters Inc., said good byes and bedtime.

C and Charlotte breakfasting on their favorite: Cheerios!! Actually, C was swiping some from the ones I gave Charlotte....

Beach fun:) My brother Micah, his wife Christine, their girlie Charlotte. J and C both contemplating life and the fine view. C's chubby legs that I love:)

My kid's hands and legs while on the beach. Biggest deal?? HE DIDN'T MIND BEING COATED IN SAND! Truly his father's son. C loved crawling and digging in the sand!

Eating sand was so yum!! Especially sand recently moistened with seawater! Maybe my baby has a sodium deficiency? Or it could just be because he chews ANYTHING he can touch....

My happy but serious baby:) Like I said yesterday, amazing sites knock him speechless but afterwards he babbles up a storm!

J's sister Jessica and her hubby Marc came down for a visit! Along came Levi (who LOVED the water!), Grace (she HATED the water and sand so she and I got along quite well), and little baby Isaac.

BTW, that put the kid total at 5 and adults at 6. In Jessica's family, kids always outnumber adults. And the kids are 3, 1.5, and 4 months. Whoa.... I think J and I should only have 2 kids:) Seemed quite challenging!!

PS- I still keep expecting my dog to clean the floor when C eats and bark when people come in the front door.

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