May 24, 2011

NC Monday:(

We're home....

And I guess that's all well and good and nice and wonderful. But it's also kind of sad. As in no caps or exclamation marks. Probably because I'm pretty tired too. And tomorrow I have to go to the grocery store. After I plan meals for the week and make a grocery list. Then I'll unpack and cook dinner. How's that for reality? Suck.

Today we went to North Carolina Botanical Garden and we ended up leaving after less than 1 hour due to mosquitoes. Lots of them. But here is some of what we saw:

Pretty sure my brother took the lower right corner picture. PS- Christine- Tell Micah THANKS for helping me understand Photo Shop better!

C was pretty tired and ready for his nap but we forced him to stay awake for the gardens and lunch:) We played around some at the gardens and Charlotte tried to feed the cat rocks.

After lunch and naps, Micah, Christine, and Charlotte took us to the airport. And we left our delightful vacation behind:( The flight home went well and we were on a bigger plane than last time. C looked around, played with his wipes water bottle, grinned at people, and then slept for about an hour.

Baby boy nursing to sleep and J and I relaxing. Flying ain't half bad with our kid at this phase in his life! Right now he's happily snoozing in his own crib and tomorrow I think he'll miss Charlotte and all her wonderful toys:)

Ps- THANKS MICAH, CHRISTINE, AND CHARLOTTE FOR A PERFECTLY AMAZING TRIP!!!! And thanks for letting us steal your room for 6 days Charlotte:)

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