May 6, 2011

The Playroom

The playroom will conclude our EXCITING tour of The Estate. Perhaps next week will have the UPSTAIRS in store??? We can only hope. Fingers crossed. Countdown begins now. On the edge of your seat fun at my blog!!!!

PS- those of you with kids: were you amazed by how fast your baby became mobile? And how amazingly adept they were at exploring every centimeter of your house? Life is fascinating to an 8 month old and more so now to this 30 year old:)

I knew right away I wanted to make the farthest room in this photo a playroom. Took a little discussion with J for us to get on the same page (in this case it was more like him turning to MY page).

We replaced the light fixture and painted the walls a light turquoise. That door is one of !!3!! that lead to the back deck so we don't use it. In fact, I don't know that we've ever even opened it? It will get replaced with a window or wall one day. In The Hopeful Far Off Future.

It was so chilly and snowy!! Now our view out this window is happy green:)

Back when C could only roll. Sigh.
I love this room. Did I mention that the living room and this playroom are my favorite in the house? Also, that rug was in our last house; I bought it at HomeGoods. I think it looks marvelous in this room!

Here's what we do in the playroom, clockwise: occasionally eat on the floor with C (look how tiny!!), ignore dead flies on the floor (not anymore since everyone in the house now has good fine motor skills), learn how to crawl, and most recent, freak out Mommy when holding on things with only ONE hand.

Since C's new favorite games are: PULL EVERYTHING OFF THE SHELVES!! PULL EVERYTHING OUT OF THE BINS!!! STAND ON THE BINS!!!! this is how the room generally looks. I'm fine with that:)

This is how the room looks on Vacuum the House Day (Tuesdays if you are wondering when you should visit).

View while my lazy butt sits on the floor. Looking in the kitchen.

And around. Hey, there's that daring kid starting to make a mess!!!

C's old favorite thing: the mirror. Looking at himself isn't so awesome anymore.

His other old favorite thing: cousin Charlotte's Exersaucer. Another not so cool piece of C's past. We keep it around for desperate situations that call for trapping a baby:)

Toy box bought by his Gee'ma. Painted by his mom.

And just for fun:
Happy baby.

Cousin Lilly making a silly face:)


  1. I love it!! Play rooms are the best. I'm totally obsessed with your house, btw. It's fabulous!! I want a house just like it when we move back to Indy ;)

  2. Kelsey, from what it sounds, you guys would be great for a "needs lots of love and work house"! It took us a few months to find it but by now you are totally used to waiting for good things;)
    BTW- do you read the blog Young House Love? It's about a couple who does all sorts of cool stuff to their fixer upper house.