May 2, 2011


Today we'll tour the kitchen. We haven't really done much to this room other than: paint walls and trim, install all new (to us) appliances, take out another funky bookshelf, and CLEAN. This room was the most disgusting and filthy by far. Well, except for maybe the basement. Well, maybe not...

We had a whole slew of people here helping us scrub the cabinets, trim, walls, and every nook and cranny. It was so grimy and caked in yuck. Yuck. Just that: YUCK.

PS- "HERE" is the light that was in our breakfast nook. Yeah, that's a light fixture. Another delightful wood and glass creation that we were loathe to part with. Hehe.

I actually took this picture when I brought lunch to the workers (J, J's parents, my dad, and a friend) who were ripping the basement bare in our "It's been ours for 1 day!!" unheated house. We didn't want to turn on the furnace until the basement (where the furnace resides) had been cleaned of mold and the furnace and ductwork had all been cleaned. Brrrr.

It was wonderful when my SIL Christine and brother Micah brought us warm meals during a long day of working in the chilly gross house. We felt kinda bad though when people who were helping us would bring their kids to our 60 degree house. And move in day? Everyone sat around and ate lunch with coats on. Oh well....

Most of this cold was caused by an unknown short in the thermostat that prevented the furnace from running as long as it needed to after we actually turned it on. So yeah, we were freezing for over a month. We finally figured the situation out after we had moved in and had been living in the house for a couple of days. SOOOOO much easier to replace a thermostat than a furnace!!

More lovely kitchen light fixtures!! BIL Marc from yesterday's dining room post took ALL of these down too:) My dad installed the new ones.

This is how the place looked for 3-4 weeks.

I decided a quick happy fix to the kitchen would be replacing the cabinet hardware. So I found a good deal on a bulk supply of bronze pulls, ordered, and replaced them! J did the measuring and hole drilling since half the cabinets didn't have existing hardware. BTW, anyone want 40 white porcelain and gold pulls for free?

I started the LONG task of priming and painting all the brown wood trim. Still working on this...

Here's another bookshelf that I would eventually rip out.

And that gross stove vent I cleaned.

The bookshelf is gone!! This one was super easy to rip out since it was so tiny. The nice jagged flooring still looks like that right now though...

Mudded and sanded the wall. Drywall dust everywhere.

Breakfast nook now! Pretty, cheery, and filled with males focused on eating lunch.

C is pretty happy about the sounds J makes as he eats spicy food. He laughed a lot (the baby, not the hubby):) BTW, we don't always have pretty flowers in our house; those were birthday presents:)

Standing in the kitchen entrance. Still need to replace and fix some cabinet drawers....

Looking toward the breakfast nook.

Looking toward the dining room. PS- I loveheartlove using this long counter top for cooking projects. So nice to have plenty of room to make a mess on!

Looking back from the breakfast nook. That's C's toolkit on the floor. He was trying to eat my hammer when I was working the other day so I TRIED to convince him his was just as yummy... And the toolkit stayed there. And still is there. Yeah....

Chalkboard wall and cookbook nook:) Inspirational quote provided by a Facebook friend. Now headless leprechaun picture (yeah, that's what that is!) provided by my niece.

C and I eat lunch here and watch the foxes play in the backyard:)

We really like having 3 sinks! 1 for washing, 1 for scraping off food, 1 for rinsing. J installed this faucet too and boy was that a job!!

Things we still need to do:
Fix this leaky ceiling.
Finish painting all the trim.
Patch the floor under the now-GONE bookshelves.
Replace the tile backsplash.
Eventually replace countertops and cabinets. Someday.

Figure out what to do about all these baking ingredient containers before C discovers how cool they would be to knock down and smash. I like them there though:( So handy and close:(


So that's all. Glad this room is very livable and (most of the time) clean and orderly. After scraping off 16 years worth of grime, it turned out pretty nice!

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