May 11, 2011

Organization Station

My photos are in a state of chaos since transferring to my spiffy new computer. I figured that out last week when 1/2 of them seemed to be missing. Dare I say I'll work on it tonight? Dare I dream of getting it done?? Nah!

So I'm going to talk about my Organization and Lists:) Lovely things:)

This is on a wall in my kitchen, near the stove. And here we've got the Organization System that occasionally fails. Or rather I do! PS- this pic is a couple weeks old, hence the April calendar page:)

There's my bulletin board with my daily schedule that I attempt and have a 50-75% success rate. At least I have expectations! My Marsh Fresh idea card application was hanging there for about 3 months before I filled it out last week, used the card, forgot to turn in the application, then C promptly ate the paperwork. Oops.

The dry erase board holds our house to-do list and other quick lists I make. Every few days we gravitate to this board for a impromptu family meeting of "HOW CAN WE EVER GET THIS ALL DONE????" followed by J being very nice to his frantic and stressed wife. The dry erase board isn't wonderfully pretty (neither is my panic over the to do list) but someday I'll tack quarter round molding around it to dress it up!

Next we've got the calendar that I keep on paper at this phase of my life. Baby complicates life. Paper calendar seems easier. So I keep it on the wall. Easy as that. Now that I have SUPER PHONE, maybe I'll go back to electronic calendarizing? Whatever. I cook dinner 3 nights a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) and write on the calendar what I plan on cooking on those days. This simplifies my life a great deal and I JUST thought of doing it a couple months ago. Yep, took me 30 years to get this smart:) Other than that it hold my general tasks and plans, like any well behaved calendar would.

Moving on: my time related goals lately have been blog inspired:
  1. Narrow down our house to do lists. Focus on a few things. Make it manageable!- Thanks Young House Love:) PS- I love you!!
  2. Focus on one thing at a time. Multitasking is all well and good but it is nice to JUST play with the baby or just clean or just surf the web. I remind myself about this goal all day and it makes my cluttered head calmer! Thanks Liberal Simplicity!
Now that I've gotten than out of the way, it's 9:45 and I need to go to bed. Yeah, that's what you do when you are me and you know your kid is going to wake up hungry in about 2-3 hours and you have the goods to satisfy that hunger.

Night all!!

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