September 24, 2010

Good Bye Lovely House

Well, 5 weeks ago today we sold our house. Now today is our last real day here since we move to our temporary home tomorrow. So J, C, and I are going out to celebrate tonight even though I kinda wonder if we should just have a picnic on the floor our emptyish living room. But it will be nice to go out and do something fun together (plus C took a 5 hour nap today so I'd like to keep him awake as much as possible the rest of the day!). 

It was a bittersweet day for lasts: today was my last day to wash the dishes in the sink J installed, with the faucet my dad gave me for my birthday. It was the last time for me to go for a walk with Sadie and C. I've had 5 years of walking these sidewalks... Last time to take a nap on the couch with my baby cuddled on my chest. Last night to sleep in the room where J proposed to me and C was born. Kinda surreal....

It's been a good 5 years here:) I bought this place when I was 24, J moved in when we were married 3 years ago (fun/crazy transition for Hard to Adjust Sadie and Sarah), and baby C was born almost 5 weeks ago. 

It's funny, J and I went out to eat 5 weeks ago today to celebrate our house selling, wondering what we would do and where we would go. I remember being big and pregnant, feeling the baby kick and hiccup while we ate. Then 2 days later we had a baby but still no new house.  Now 5 weeks later we are nomads with a child:) 

Hmm, hope J gets home from work fast so we can go out and be cheerful, I'm getting a little melancholy!! 

September 19, 2010

My home isn't really a home anymore

Moving out of a house is like putting a dog to sleep. The longer it takes, the worse it gets.

I wish I could just leave my house at the height of its welcoming prettiness. Instead, I'm stripping the life from it each day, seeing it a little less vibrant all the time until Saturday, when it will be naked and dead to me. 

Right now the windows are bare, the walls are bare, the cabinets are bare, so are the closets, the tops of furniture, ect, ect. BARE BARE BARE. You get the picture. 

But my Amazing Baby is beautiful and delightful (grunting in his sleep as I type) and my hubby is still charming and oh so helpful (even if I am grouchy and exhausted). And when we roam the earth as homeless adventurers as of September 25, at least we'll be together:)

Even if our house is dead and bare:(

September 17, 2010


And Smiles!!

And gets Daddy to play goofy hand games!

 Then feels very stunned as he realizes he's not in the womb anymore.

Today I went to J's work for a big lunch they had and my bread pudding (Leah's recipe) won FIRST PLACE in the food competition!!!! I'm a pretty competitive person so this was a big score for me. Unfortunately 1st prize was a giftcard to Cheeseburger in Paradise but I guess we can go there sometime for a date night. Would have liked it better had it been a Target giftcard!!!

Have you ever noticed people are ridiculously nice to pregnant women and people with small babies? I think it is our species way of preserving itself. Even grouchy old men like babies and pregnant ladies. 

Tonight I am going to get my hair cut .WITHOUT. the Amazing Child present!!! Without my baby!!! I hope he doesn't scream himself silly while I'm gone. I'm a little nervous about it.

Will update you on the haircut and baby howling later!!

September 7, 2010

Come ON!!!

Brother Micah, niece Charlotte, BIL Damian, niece Lilly, hubby J, baby C 

Cool evening at my mama's, blanket made by my BFF Abby:)

Family walk, being hounded by the paparazzi. Sadie, baby C, and I ignore crazy man with the camera.

C loves to scratch his face, as shown in detail here. PS, this is another fine parenting moment: we spent the day at my sister's, ran out of clean clothes and diapers so C is wearing his cousin Lilly's most gender neutral sleeper, bib, and of course a flowery blanket. Yet another embarrassing story for my one-day teenager. 

One of my friends just had a baby today and though my kid is barely 2.5 weeks old, I seriously thought: Awww, I want to have another baby.

Really??!!!!??? Geez, what a crazy I am.  

Today my Beautiful Baby C was fussy. Well, he was fussy this afternoon from 4:00 until now, 9:00. He is rarely that fussy and needy so it was a bit disconcerting and stressful.... But now he's SLEEPING!!! The Commencement of Sleeping caused great joy in the household and made Mommy and Daddy hug happily:) 

And since Glorious Baby C's 5 hours of fussiness wasn't enough FUN baby time, I'm now posting pics of him. Because Mommy's little mental breakdown at 8:00 wasn't enough to make her actually do anything when the baby is unhooked and sleeping. She has to go and post pics on the Internet instead of packing up her house. 

Did I mention we're moving in 23 days? Yep. I get nothing done all day long it seems except feeding, changing, and nurturing The Child. Packing must happen soon!!!

PS- My kid gained 10 ounces in one week!!!! I feed him well:) He will have chunky monkeys soon!!!!!

September 1, 2010

Tuesday News

C likes to stretch and hold his feet up and out. He did this inside me too!!!

This is C's classic "I'm Pooping" face

This is his "I'm Full For 2 Seconds" face

I would like to apologize to my reader. The subject matter of this blog is probably going to change from my random thoughts to those about The Most Perfect Being In the World: My Son. Feel free to stop reading if this is annoying to you. However, He Who Is The Center of My Universe at the moment is highly amusing and my focus right now. Oops to those of you who are annoyed by people who drone ON and ON and ON about their kids. Unsubscribe me!! 

Yesterday was J's birthday!!! Yay 29 years!!!! We went to a lovely little Asian restaurant, ate good food in surprisingly reasonable portions (no leftovers!! What, did we leave America???), and had iced Vietnamese coffee. The restaurant owner remarked on how we were holding C and didn't have him in a baby carrier/pumpkin seat. I tried to explain to him that we had a convertible carseat that stays in the car but I think he was still a bit confused. Should whipped out the baby sling to blow his mind even more but I had forgotten it:( Or even pulled out a cloth diaper. OR TOLD HIM WE HAD OUR BABY AT HOME!!!


Anyway: after eating, we changed C's diaper in the car but what do you know, the kid wasn't quite finished pooping. Oh the joys of watching non-stop goop squirt out your child's rear end while trying to keep your skirt from blowing up in the wind, hunched next to your car's backseat.  

Back to the birthday man: J is such a good daddy:) He keeps C warm with socks, hats, and blankets, plays with him (as much as you can play with a 10 day old kid), changes lots of diapers, holds fussy C, and asks C's doctor smart questions. Also, he gets me food and stuff when The Brilliant and Advanced For His Age Child has me tied down, chops up a whole watermelon so I won't have to later, and listens to me ramble about baby stuff and random thoughts. 

I love my hubby lots but after C's birth day, when J stayed with me the WHOLE DAY, even held his breath and pushed when I pushed, endured me scratching up his hands with my nails, and took such wonderful care of me that week, I love him even more. Sure makes you appreciate your significant other when they make you such a priority just because they love you!

So: HAPPY (yesterday) BIRTHDAY J!!!!!