September 7, 2010

Come ON!!!

Brother Micah, niece Charlotte, BIL Damian, niece Lilly, hubby J, baby C 

Cool evening at my mama's, blanket made by my BFF Abby:)

Family walk, being hounded by the paparazzi. Sadie, baby C, and I ignore crazy man with the camera.

C loves to scratch his face, as shown in detail here. PS, this is another fine parenting moment: we spent the day at my sister's, ran out of clean clothes and diapers so C is wearing his cousin Lilly's most gender neutral sleeper, bib, and of course a flowery blanket. Yet another embarrassing story for my one-day teenager. 

One of my friends just had a baby today and though my kid is barely 2.5 weeks old, I seriously thought: Awww, I want to have another baby.

Really??!!!!??? Geez, what a crazy I am.  

Today my Beautiful Baby C was fussy. Well, he was fussy this afternoon from 4:00 until now, 9:00. He is rarely that fussy and needy so it was a bit disconcerting and stressful.... But now he's SLEEPING!!! The Commencement of Sleeping caused great joy in the household and made Mommy and Daddy hug happily:) 

And since Glorious Baby C's 5 hours of fussiness wasn't enough FUN baby time, I'm now posting pics of him. Because Mommy's little mental breakdown at 8:00 wasn't enough to make her actually do anything when the baby is unhooked and sleeping. She has to go and post pics on the Internet instead of packing up her house. 

Did I mention we're moving in 23 days? Yep. I get nothing done all day long it seems except feeding, changing, and nurturing The Child. Packing must happen soon!!!

PS- My kid gained 10 ounces in one week!!!! I feed him well:) He will have chunky monkeys soon!!!!!

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