July 14, 2011

Still Still Not Here

Are you still reading here? Well, go HERE if you want new news:) Thanks:)

June 20, 2011

June 7, 2011

June 6, 2011

This Blog Is Moving. Be Prepared.

Blogger is bugging me like crazy!!! And not working with my pictures:( So here's my new Wordpress account. Until my darling hubby can build me a website. Please don't look around the new blog too much cause it's a mess. Just read today's post and change me in your RSS feed.

Moving blog location is complicated but I'm forcing myself to send you to the new site. Otherwise I'll put it off and work on it until it is perfect and I've got NO TIME FOR THAT.


May 31, 2011

Cheap and Easy

Well, it was a long fun weekend:) I'll hopefully post pictures and stories later in the week if I don't get distracted by newer, awesome(er) stuff.

2 easy things that have made my life simpler and cheaper:

Castile soap!! Just fill your foaming soap dispenser 1/4 the way with castile soap, then fill the rest with water. VIOLA!!! Exciting foamy soap!! And castile soap costs about $6-7 a bottle!!! When you only use 3-4 tablespoons for each soap dispenser refill, this is a cheap and easy soap source that is natural and happy!! And foamy!!! The bad thing about this is that there aren't any pretty and affordable foamy soap dispensers out there. Sad:( My bathrooms are all brought to you by Wal-Mart or Meijer brand soap bottles.

Why is that a kid would rather play with household objects, kitchen utensils, and random unedible things THAN THEIR TOYS???? Here's what I do when C gets bored with me and life:
  1. run around and grab anything that is not tiny,
  2. throw it in a container,
  3. and set in front of baby.
In this situation, my baby recently loves opening drawers. So that's where his special toys are "hidden" instead of being in a container. Containers are sooooo for 8 month olds. C is 9 WHOLE MONTHS NOW. He's TOTALLY beyond containers.

Other toys hidden in the open: our shoes (specifically the soles), onions, wine bottles in the now unused wine rack, the indoor compost trash can, the regular kitchen trash can, a giant seed we found in C's mouth that we have NOOOO idea where he got it, the remote control, drywall clumps (without trim covering it) (at floor level) that can be easily eaten. FUN!!!

Also, Our Art Art Hour and The Rural Juror are awesome things.