February 28, 2009

Saving Money on Showering


Funny post about showering together and how it could save you money....or cost you a lot more in the long run. HAHAHAHAHA. "All that 'talking' could result in a baby." Immature me is amused.

RSS, Excel, Brothers

J. is out for the weekend with a friend in KY. Since this is the very first weekend he has been gone in our Marriage History, I was a bit confused about what to do with myself. Yes, I know I go out of town often and he finds stuff to do all weekend I am gone.... but I'm not used to this!!!! I mean, if you've been married for a while, you start to forget what it was like with no one around for days on end. Pre-marriage, it seemed normal to spend a night by myself and now, well, not so much. So, of course I immediately  panicked on my first night alone and fled to my mama's house. I'm hoping to force myself back to The House Void of Humans Yet Filled With Pets tonight. I miss my hubby:(

TODAY I LEARNED WHAT RSS MEANS!!!!! Brother Daniel haughtily informed me I was 8 years behind. Hrumph. He probably doesn't even know what the word haughty means. ANYWHO, I am now the proud owner of a Google Reader account and 12 gagillion blogs in it!!! Wow, how convenient. Lately I've been thinking there must be an easier way to keep up with all the blogs in which I delight. Who knew what I needed was that funny RSS word meant??!?!?!?! NOT ME!!! 

Also, I have become a recent lover of Excel and FUNCTIONS!!! J. taught me or I copy-learned a lot in the past year. Danial taught me various complicated functions for a document containing NWEA scores of my students. I know so much more!!!

So, like I said, I'm at my mom and dad's house today. I haven't stayed here overnight since Christmas. Seems like a long time! It is very nice to be here because unlike my house, I HAVE NO RESPONSIBILITIES!!!! I love it:) 

Daniel is a dork. 

February 27, 2009

2009 Goals

Okay, here is an update on the progression of my 2009 Goals:

  1. I have been doing Zumba or Yoga 3-4 times a week. YAY FOR MY BODY!
  2. I have not set my alarm earlier than 6:30 on any workday morning this month. Wow. Never thought I would really do that!
  3. I drink water a lot now!! I'm hoping this will make it easier to drink alcohol even when I am not thirsty. This will expedite the drinking process and take much less effort and time than FORCING myself to drink. I rarely get thirsty but now I am getting better at teaching myself to drink when I am not thirsty. 
  4. Well, I have tried bananas in a few dishes and drinks. I am miles away from liking them though. And I haven't actually taken a bite from a real, live banana. Gag.
  5. Journaling, sewing, planning gardening, word puzzles once a week....almost....more like twice a month. GOOD FOR ME.
  6. EEEK, tomorrow ends February and I haven't cleaned the car this month!!! I did clean it when I was sick and it was 15 degrees in our garage last month though. 
  7. Doing good on reading 1 fiction and 1 non-fiction book/ month, saving money, got my summer jobs all planned out...

So, second month of the year and I'm pretty happy with things:) Life is good, love my hubby, job, and everything else i crowd in my life. SUPER SARAH STRIKES AGAIN!!!

Wow, I am the world's worst speller. 

February 24, 2009

Grease and Star Trek

Okay, this post will be all about greasy food and my Trekie husband. And, good news, it is just now getting dark at 6:45!!!!

So today I got LJS (Long John Silvers) coupons in the mail. I know, yuck, gross, grease. But when you want it, you gotta have it. I really do eat very healthy most days. It's just that sometimes, the urge hits and I know I can give in:)

So J. and I went to LJS as soon as he got home and we got free bead necklaces because it is Fat Tuesday!!! SO EXCITING!!! Now we're at home, eating and watching Star Trek, TNG. J. is sitting and ranting about all the inaccuracies and I am just watching. We agreed this will be a yearly tradition, invented this year. Gross, Fat Tuesday will be awful from now on. Not that it was anything before.

Back to TNG....Pain, I feel great pain!!!!

February 22, 2009

Dog Names

So here are two names you should not name your dog: Axel and Venus. I found both those names in ONE day!!! A friend was thinking about using one name and I heard the other on a commercial. You should see if they sound inappropriate by yelling them and having someone listen from a distance.What good old fashioned fun for a cold winter day!

Love, Your Friendly Neighborhood Sarah

February 20, 2009

Being Honest With Kids

So I was reading MyTwoDollars.com today and saw a post about a topic J. and I have discussed many times. In fact, I also had a long and interesting conversation about this with my little sis a couple months ago. The article discusses the wisdom of talking honestly and openly to your kids about hard things that are happening in the world, your family, or your personal lives. 

So J. and I don't have kids yet (next year we'll start trying!), but as a teacher I see the impact adults' lives have on little kids. Kids live with adults mistakes every day. They live in an adult run world. They don't understand exactly how this world work yet and or even understand that our mistakes are just part of being human. During our Friday community circle time at school, kids have brought up the fact that they want (really, need) to know what is happening in life. They've told stories of listening in on parent fights, watching the news, or hearing financial problems discussed in hushed tones. And they don't know how to feel about that! Most kids need to know more and want to have the event explained to them. They (and I relate to this!) worry more about what they don't clearly know than about what is explained to them in a way they can understand. 

When J. and I have kids, we plan on taking to them about family problems. We plan on letting them know that even though Mom and Dad might not get along every day, we still love each other! We want to help them understand things that are happening in the news, even though those events might be unsettling. We want them to know life isn't always a bed of roses but you can trust Mom and Dad to tell you the truth and help you understand it. We'll talk on their level, in a calm way, to help them understand the situation. We'll let them know they have an open and safe world at home!

This is what I do with my students (to a certain degree!! I leave iffy topics for parents to discuss!). I think my kids realize I trust them to understand and now have higher expectations of them. I think it helps them see they are a part of life, not just something to be protected and sheltered. 

February 19, 2009

My Rainboots

So I found a great deal on shoes last weekend on Sears' website. I bought these DELIGHTFUL rainboots ($9!!!!!) that I wore around the house last night. Is there anything nicer than 4 new pairs of shoes? Yes, if all of them fit and are as delightful as the rainboots!!