February 28, 2009

RSS, Excel, Brothers

J. is out for the weekend with a friend in KY. Since this is the very first weekend he has been gone in our Marriage History, I was a bit confused about what to do with myself. Yes, I know I go out of town often and he finds stuff to do all weekend I am gone.... but I'm not used to this!!!! I mean, if you've been married for a while, you start to forget what it was like with no one around for days on end. Pre-marriage, it seemed normal to spend a night by myself and now, well, not so much. So, of course I immediately  panicked on my first night alone and fled to my mama's house. I'm hoping to force myself back to The House Void of Humans Yet Filled With Pets tonight. I miss my hubby:(

TODAY I LEARNED WHAT RSS MEANS!!!!! Brother Daniel haughtily informed me I was 8 years behind. Hrumph. He probably doesn't even know what the word haughty means. ANYWHO, I am now the proud owner of a Google Reader account and 12 gagillion blogs in it!!! Wow, how convenient. Lately I've been thinking there must be an easier way to keep up with all the blogs in which I delight. Who knew what I needed was that funny RSS word meant??!?!?!?! NOT ME!!! 

Also, I have become a recent lover of Excel and FUNCTIONS!!! J. taught me or I copy-learned a lot in the past year. Danial taught me various complicated functions for a document containing NWEA scores of my students. I know so much more!!!

So, like I said, I'm at my mom and dad's house today. I haven't stayed here overnight since Christmas. Seems like a long time! It is very nice to be here because unlike my house, I HAVE NO RESPONSIBILITIES!!!! I love it:) 

Daniel is a dork. 

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