October 22, 2009

Wouldn't It Be Nice......

SOOOOOO. Last night I went dinnering and dancing w/ friends. Let me just say, I look GORGEOUS after 6 hours of sleep, too much drinking, and too much dancing. My knees feel funny too. My throat is hoarse also, a sad side effect of starting to cough yesterday AND having shouting conversations in 1,2000 decibel music.

The good news is, I ate some yummy pasta before dancing. AND THERE ARE LEFTOVERS!!!!

The bad news is, after about midnight, I was seriously dancing to stay awake. If I paused for a SECOND, I would start yawning and fall asleep. So it was dance, dance, dance. Punctuated by thoughts of: wouldn't it be more fun to curl up on my couch with a good book, J, movie, computer, or ANYTHING INTELLIGENT? I love dancing when I'm tipsy but a couple hours is enough for me.

It was fun though:)

And I found a friend from college I haven't seen in 7 years!! JUST LIKE THAT, BAM, he yelled my name and when I turned around, he looked the same as in college. Funny. Reminded me of studying biology in the library. And eating in the bottom of Decker (if memory serves me well, which often it does not).

Anyway, I went to dinner and dancing. I'm tired. I got my exercise. I drank a Bud Lite cause it was on sale. YUCK.

October 17, 2009

Ella, Ella

So I just finished reading this uber cool book to my kids on Friday. Each day during reading lesson, I'd crank up Ella on the speakers, we'd sit down, and the kids would listen to the biography of singer they'd only heard of from their grandparents. We talked about how funny records look. HUGE to the kids;)

20 years in the future, when my 31 students hear the following words, they will think of me:
  1. Scat Cat
  2. Bebop
  3. Ella Fitzgerald
  4. Dizzy Gillespie
  5. Chick Webb
  6. Swing music
  7. The Savoy
And they'll remember that RIDICULOUS teacher who hounded them into thinking about facts and opinions about Ella and her music, the author's flowery figurative language, and the illustrator's idea of what music looks like.

It'll be just one more thing they get to discuss with their therapists. MRS. J SCARRED ME FOR LIFE. ELLA FITZGERALD HAUNTS MY NIGHTMARES!!!!

October 12, 2009


Whilst Sadie and I were walking this afternoon (minding our own business, mind you), we were chased. Fiercely and feverishly followed. Nipped at the heels. Terrorized you might say.
Yep, once again, the little bugger was free to roam and didn't want us to go anywhere near its abode. Always this thing hates us and SCARES ME TO DEATH. Let me say it again, he/she hates us. Not a sweet dog. Come to think of it, I've never met a nice chihuahua.

Until today I didn't know how to spell chihuahua. Today one of my kids told me how to spell it. I'm happy to give them those moments when they may teach the teacher. Although really, this happens very often.

I also found out today that Sadie is about 30 years old in dog years. She seems to be dragging for a 30 year old. I guess in 2 years, if given the chance, I might nap a lot too.

October 7, 2009

My Minor Complaints in This Life

So in the adult restrooms at work: there are limits on how much toilet paper you are allowed to use.

That's right. Those in change restrict our toilet paper usage by STOPPING THE TOILET PAPER ROLL FROM TURNING. Yes, they do. They do!! I'm not pulling your leg!! Toilet paper rolls at my workplace do not turn. Is this normal? I've always been annoyed by this but this morning, I got a little bit ~ahem add word here~ about it. It's not been the best of lives for me lately and the toilet paper, damn it, why won't it turn?????

Because there is nothing else in the world to rant about;)

Except that I think those who are obese, smokers, or non-exercisers should pay more for their insurance. Safeway supports me in this view.

And, that I'm sad my farmer's market ended Tuesday. I will miss chatting with my fav farmers.

Also, I'm sad I can't do much for the redwoods that are so tall they blow my mind.

I wish I didn't have 31 kids in my class so I could focus on each kid as an individual and give them the education they so need and deserve.

I wish I could have a normal holiday just once more in my life. Sad that life changes and I don't quite know how to deal yet...

October 5, 2009

Oh Lawrence!!

So I found this lovely website somehow and I want this tea. It's actually been a tab in my Camino browser for a week or so. Once we get new grocery budget money this Friday, I'M ALL OVER IT.

Also, I'd like to add 6 hours to this week, one for each day.

And I'd like to see what happens in Lawrence of Arabia. J and I have been watching the movie for a few night now and last night, LAWRENCE WENT CRAZY!! Poor guy. It kinda ruined my day. I haven't seen the movie since I was a kid and only remember the most horrible parts (boy exploding, boy getting sucked into quicksand, torturous journeys across desserts). Sometimes I watch these old movies my parents let me watch when I was TINY and I think I WAS ALLOWED TO WATCH THIS?!?! This is like R in 1950's speak!!!

Really, I have 12,000 things to do tonight so I gotta go.