October 17, 2009

Ella, Ella

So I just finished reading this uber cool book to my kids on Friday. Each day during reading lesson, I'd crank up Ella on the speakers, we'd sit down, and the kids would listen to the biography of singer they'd only heard of from their grandparents. We talked about how funny records look. HUGE to the kids;)

20 years in the future, when my 31 students hear the following words, they will think of me:
  1. Scat Cat
  2. Bebop
  3. Ella Fitzgerald
  4. Dizzy Gillespie
  5. Chick Webb
  6. Swing music
  7. The Savoy
And they'll remember that RIDICULOUS teacher who hounded them into thinking about facts and opinions about Ella and her music, the author's flowery figurative language, and the illustrator's idea of what music looks like.

It'll be just one more thing they get to discuss with their therapists. MRS. J SCARRED ME FOR LIFE. ELLA FITZGERALD HAUNTS MY NIGHTMARES!!!!


  1. Yes, truely the stuff of NIGHTMARES!!!

    Actually, it's very cool! Our kids will have it so good with you as their Mom/teacher. :-)

  2. I bet you planted a seed and the music of Ella will come back into style.