October 22, 2009

Wouldn't It Be Nice......

SOOOOOO. Last night I went dinnering and dancing w/ friends. Let me just say, I look GORGEOUS after 6 hours of sleep, too much drinking, and too much dancing. My knees feel funny too. My throat is hoarse also, a sad side effect of starting to cough yesterday AND having shouting conversations in 1,2000 decibel music.

The good news is, I ate some yummy pasta before dancing. AND THERE ARE LEFTOVERS!!!!

The bad news is, after about midnight, I was seriously dancing to stay awake. If I paused for a SECOND, I would start yawning and fall asleep. So it was dance, dance, dance. Punctuated by thoughts of: wouldn't it be more fun to curl up on my couch with a good book, J, movie, computer, or ANYTHING INTELLIGENT? I love dancing when I'm tipsy but a couple hours is enough for me.

It was fun though:)

And I found a friend from college I haven't seen in 7 years!! JUST LIKE THAT, BAM, he yelled my name and when I turned around, he looked the same as in college. Funny. Reminded me of studying biology in the library. And eating in the bottom of Decker (if memory serves me well, which often it does not).

Anyway, I went to dinner and dancing. I'm tired. I got my exercise. I drank a Bud Lite cause it was on sale. YUCK.


  1. Who did you see?! I want to know- anyone exciting?

  2. I'm so proud! Where did you go?! And Eew, Bud Light is the devil's brew!