April 1, 2009

My Problemo

Here's a pretty pic I took so you won't get stressed out by the following post:)

I have this problem with my free time: I tend to fill it to overflowing. I always have. I love having a calendar with weekends filled with fun things to do and people to see. Usually my weeknights stay pretty bare, due to the fact that the 29 kiddos exhaust me daily. Since spring break started last Friday, here's what I've been up to:

Friday- Sunday: Chicago w/ J.

Monday- Leave the house 45 minutes after I wake to meet mom, sisters, nephews, and niece for lunch. The shopping at Target w/ mom and sis, then grocery, then rush home to cook dinner. Then a little free time after doing stuff around the house.

Tuesday- Leave the house 40 minutes after waking, drive to see college sis at college and hang out eating and talking and taking her to Walmart. Off to finish grocery shopping and then to a friends house for the evening. 

Wednesday- Working at the house (laundry, cleaning, cooking) in the morning then off to Children's Museum w/ sister and her kids. Afterwards, home to cook dinner and spend time w/ hubby.

Thursday- To sister's house to work for her (she's my part-time employer!) and bring 1-2 of her kids home w/ me.

Friday- Hang w/ the kiddos, cook, go to see mamma mia?

Saturday- Drive to Ohio to visit friends. 

Sunday- church and hubby time.

Geez, I feel like to I need to cut something. This is my vacation, I need LAZY TIME!! I have no kids to take up my time so why am I feeling so rushed?!?! What shall I cut? What shall it be? I want to sew, I've got phone calls and bill stuff to catch up on, need to make pasta sauce, and a whole slew of other things. Plus I'd like to read a bit. 

I know, I know, I should stop complaining. Most people don't get a week off every spring and have to work 40 hour weeks non-stop. But, hey, this is my blog, let me complain a little!!!!


  1. Screw taking a kid home.
    If you went to the childeren's museum, that's enough children for one week.

    So sit around friday and watch Startrek and read and sew (nerd).

  2. Stay home sunday and enjoy some one-on-one time with god in the bathtub and candles. He'll probably appreciate the carbon output you decreased by staying home. :)

  3. Stay home, relax. Sundays are good for that, afer church I mean.