April 8, 2009

You Tube Clips:)

Th Sound of Music is one of my very favorite movies. I don't know how many times I watched it as a kid (12,001?) and I still get a kick watching it to this day:) When I was in Austria a few years ago, I went on a Sound of Music bus tour and got to visit the actual homes and locations where the movie was filmed. We sang Sound of Music songs while driving though the countryside. Corny, but oh so fun:)

The Story of Stuff

Being green is one of my favorite things to be. Just ask my husband. A while back, I asked his permission to let us only flush the toilet when we went #2. Otherwise, couldn't we save the water and consolidate flushes? He said no. However, he has cut down on his use of ziploc bags, probably to avoid my incessant shrieking at the sight of them. 


  1. That is by far the absolute coolest thing I have seen in FOREVER. Makes me think that humanity really can be quite a creative, innovative group that still can turn on well-deserved warm-fuzzies!

  2. I laughed so hard when I read about flushing the toilet just after #2s. I can just see you two having that conversation.