April 4, 2009

Mucho Rambling

I made this purse on Wednesday.  I love it!!! Looks kinda like a shirt here.....

This is our front lawn  tree. Some day we'll have a house with 100 on the front lawn! And a much bigger front lawn. For now, a plastic box house will have to do. 

After lunch today (leftover Rathskeller from last night) I went to the grocery store. On a Saturday. And yes, I went to Walmart. EEEKKK!!

Normally I don't do much of my shopping at Walmart (due to hubby hating it and their sad, sad produce). But I went today, on a Saturday no less!!! After I had scanned all my things (it is easier to scan my own stuff since I use my own bags and like to thoroughly stuff them) and filled 3 bags, I couldn't get an in store credit to scan properly. An employee came over and tried to fix it but ended up deleting my order!! For a minute I was a bit annoyed with her but then I realized, who cares!?!? So I got to rescan everything and smile a lot while I was at it. I must have looked kinda silly, unbagging, scanning, bagging. Hehe, it was kinda funny:)  Reminded me of the time I went to Taco Bell (another bad decision) and they didn't have: chips, Baja dressing, forks, spoons, sporks, knives, or straws. I had my nephews and niece with me that time and we laughed a lot. 

After Walmart, I drove to another grocery store and passed Steak n' Shake, which was on fire!! Poor yummy fries and milkshakes! And, while listening to NPR later, I heard a cool new band and wrote it down to check out later. I then proceeded to drive home and honk at a lady who was turning and actually had the right of way. I only realized I was the idiot and "why the heck did I honk" after the fact. I wish we had a universal 'sorry' signal so I could apologize on the street. I'm sorry, poor lady!!!

After shopping, came home and NO HUBBY!! Since he is a man, he occasionally just leaves/walks away w/o letting me know where he's off to. It's funny most of the time. Today he called and apologized for not leaving a note and told me where he was and when he would be home:) Awwww:)

This was my relaxing and sunny day. 

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  1. Oh yea, we lose a little bit of our soul every time we shop at Walmart (but, darn it, they have some really good prices on stuff). Thanks for adding us to your blog list and we LOVE the purse you made!