April 26, 2009


J and I are leaving on May 29 for a Cross Country Driving Vacation of 2009. This is the plan:

  1. Friday- Drive 6 hours to Pittsburgh and camp overnight.
  2. Saturday- Drive 6 hours to New York and check in to cheap hotel in Brooklyn.
  3. Sunday- Sightsee and eat in New York City!!
  4. Monday- Enjoy New York City some more, then leave for campground in Connecticut late afternoon.
  5. Tuesday- Drive along coast to Portland, Maine.
  6. Wednesday- Drive further in to Maine while eating, hiking, whatevering (this part of the trip has not been specifically planned!).
  7. Thursday- Explore Maine YET AGAIN.
  8. Friday- Drive 10 hours up through Canada toward Michigan. Camp in Canada!!!!!! Yes, we are easily amused and excited about this.
  9. Saturday- Finish driving to Michigan. Stop at hotel and pretty ourselves for a friend's wedding. Party out at wedding. Sleep in a real bed at night.
  10. Sunday- Drive home from Michigan. I get to sleep in our bed Sunday night but just found out J will be leaving that night for a business/training trip in California! He'll have 2 weeks of adventure but zero nights of sleeping at home.

Rinse and repeat for our much anticipated Cross Country Driving Vacation of 2009.

Last year J started a new job and could not use his vacation days until 6 months of employment was reached. Thus, we could not properly vacation until fall, which was too late because I was back working full time. Our last Vacation of Gigantic Proportions was our honeymoon to Italy in 2007. We fought a lot over the map and about getting used to spending 24 HOURS A DAY in each other's company. That was a bit of a shocker, me not getting used to something fast. It was a fun honeymoon but odd because I'd never been on a vacation with a boy before (especially one who did not worship every word that came from my lovely lips. HOW DARE HE!?!?!?).

All of our mini vacations (3) since said honeymoon have been preparing us for the 2009 trip. We have accomplished over 2 years of practice vacations: not fighting over the map, getting along 90% of the time, fighting but getting over it fast, and loving spending time together. Yay!! Can't wait to spend 2 days in the car talking to J this summer!!!!

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  1. Wow... Please don't kill each other. That is a lot of car time.
    And I am REALLY jealous you're going to Canada!!! You will have to bring me postcards from all the states you visit! :D