March 28, 2009


Sitting here on our bed in Chicago, waiting for J. to finish getting ready in the bathroom. We're going to The Lux for breakfast and then off galavanting through the city. Here's some pics from our room last night. J. loves the view and sat up watching the city night after I conked out. Then I woke up early and sat reading my computer at 6:30 this morning while he was conked out. There's a 1 hour time difference here and I guess it messed me up. We also brewed organic coffee a little while ago and stirred it with wooden sticks instead of plastic straws. If you know my hatred of plastic waste, you can probably imagine my jumping up and down upon the discovery of wooden stirring sticks yesterday. Yes, I looked silly. 

BTW, don't forget Earth Hour tonight, 830-9:30. Our hotel, and many in Chicago, are participating. Try turning off the power for fun and giggles!!! How exciting!


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