March 14, 2009

Emergency Fund

Hey, good news!! We got our tax refund check deposited in our checking account today so we are officially done with our emergency fund!!! YAY!!!! $10,000!!!!

This is a bit anti-climactic because J. is out of town and I wasn't expecting the refund for another 2 weeks. Hmm. We're done with the emergency fund and moving on to the house fund. I guess we'll celebrate tomorrow night driving home.

BTW, my out of town brother and sister-in-law are here this weekend so I'm hanging with the whole fam (minus J.) at my mom's house. It's so nice to have everyone together again!!! And to see Christine pregnant. Baby in June!!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Yay, its nice once debts are out of the way to be able to focus on investing / spending towards new goals.