March 3, 2009

Red Hair

Did you know only 1-4% of the human population has red hair? I am proud to say I am a minority. Because of our odd pigmentation, we also require more anesthesia to block our extremely hard working pain receptors. Good news for all of us who knew we weren't wimps. We just now have to grin and bear it. I also found we have a higher pain tolerance. So not only do I require more anesthesia to block my pain, I can stand more pain than other people? Confusing. I guess it kinda explains how I win all the "Hold Your Hand In the Cooler Full of Ice Water For As Long As You Can" games. 

Redheads also are apparently very sexy since we have more sex than women of other hair colors. We are at higher risk for Osteoporosis.  Higher risk for skin cancer. Hmmmm. People also think we have bad tempers. I told J. that I think that the temper stereotype is silly and I don't have a bad temper and he proceeded to laugh a lot. 

There was also a campaign in London last year to kick a redhead.

Speaking of health, I have a headache and "House" wasn't on last night. Bummer. 

Now you know everything you would ever want to about redheads. All because I am avoiding cooking dinner!!!!

BTW, that is Leah and me up there. 

1 comment:

  1. Man, I didn't even know all that about redheads... How can we have higher pain tolerance but at the same time lower pain tolerance....?
    Also, I always lose the keep your hand in the cooler of ice game first so I guess I must be the anomaly.