April 4, 2011

Update On Ze House

3 Things: I love going barefoot:) I love seeing my baby barefoot:) I love rain:)

Well, we had a delightful, busy weekend:) Here's a summary in pictures, the BEST way to remember a weekend. SO MANY PICTURES!!!

Sweet baby boy cheesing during a pre-bedtime Hyper Happy Session due to few completed naps:) If there is ANYTHING exciting happening in the house, C wants to be involved and never sleep.... So weekend naps are harder than boring weekday naps.

J with his woodpile. Dead willow tree was felled (and cut some) last weekend with the help of David A. and this weekend J's parents helped finish the job.

Morning tea, garden planning and research, tiny tomatoes, and a walk outside for bed layout planning:)

After a fun Sunday trip to Menards for stuffs, a drive in for sustenance, and Garfield Park Conservatory for fun, we came home to work. And pull all this from under the deck. Later in the week I'll highlight lots more junk we find around the estate:)

I tried working but this little guy needed attention. Did get thorn bushes trimmed, dining room and kitchen trim painted with first coat, and some of the deck cleaned.

J pulled out these extension cords that were buried side by side in the backyard. Get this: the previous owners had DRILLED a hole in the exterior of the house in to the dining room. If this doesn't seem CRAZZZZYYYYY to you, imagine: extension cord plugged in your dining room, leaves dining room through a hole in the wall, goes outside into a hole drilled in deck, under deck, buried in yard 20 yards or so until it powers a pump used to bring water from the creek to the pond UP THE HILL. Yes, an extension cord....


Oh, there's the pump. Hmm....

C had enough playing by himself so we go down to visit J.

Hot J and bare butt C. His diaper was coming off....Oops, that what happens if I don't put it on carefully after he potties!! BTW, he wore this diaper dry for about 5 hours:)

Next Ridiculous Thing: The water pump pipe. Let's follow the path!!!

Down the pond ridge...

Oh, a pump!!! We think this was the midpoint and was a small "pond" for the water transfer.

Pipe keeps going...

And going...

We are finally at the creek!!! There's another pump in there!

Parting shots: C eating his hand and my hair. Mmmmm yum!!!

J posing like a fireman with his coiled extension cord. We're thinking of reusing it to power the Love Shack for friends and family staying over. Who wants to be our first guest????

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  1. LOL at staying in the Love Shack. I think you should rent it out on an as-needed basis to between-housing siblings.