April 5, 2011

Elimination Communication

For a while I've been meaning to try Elimination Communication (EC) with Baby Boy. EC is really just a fancy way of saying you
  1. Notice your your baby's signals for "I'm about to pee/poop!".
  2. Set your baby on the toilet/bowl/outside ASAP.
  3. Baby pees/poops.
  4. Teach baby to associate a noise with peeing/pooping.
  5. Wipe and repeat.
And btw, what do you think people did before diapers? What do parents in other countries do with their kiddos? Did you know about 50% of babies in this world never wear diapers? EC is natural!! And if (in the summer) my kiddo pees in our yard, how is that any worse than Sadie (our dog) doing the same? At least C doesn't eat his own poop (although given the chance, I doubt he'd turn it down, as I've said before).

What??? Doesn't everyone look ridiculously happy on the toilet??

Last week (Wednesday, Thursday?) we were enjoying a quick family breakfast when C started grunting in his high chair. You know what that means??? POOOOOO!!!! I seized the opportunity and we whisked him to the living room where his Baby Bjorn has been living for 3 months (btw, I like how BB potty's slogan is: Maximum comfort while sitting. So refined for a baby's butt). We took off C's diaper and plopped him on the little toilet. And out plopped his poo.

IT WAS AWESOME:) One less cloth diaper we didn't have to spray or scrape off! Yay!!! Then he peed too!!! WOWO!!!!

We're easily amused. Please still accept and love us.

After such a dazzling initiation, we now set C on his toilet or ours when he wakes from any sleep so he can laugh and pee. We also do this every hour or so while he's awake (the laughing and peeing continues, punctuated by occasional pooping). And the darling loves it! He generally gets right down to business and then we put his diaper back on. I have been shocked how quickly C has caught on... or maybe he's always preferred it this way and I've just now been brave enough to try??

And (preview, don't read if you are already disgusted) C has become much more regular in the last week. Used to be he'd poop every 2-3 days and now, he's gone every single day we've been EC'ing. I guess I would avoid sitting in a diaper full of gooshy grossness if I could.

C's favorite toilet sport- the Toe Reach. He also enjoys the Desk Reach, the Couch Grab, the Eating of Mommy's Face, and the Squealing Happily While Already Trying To Pee Standing Up.

  1. C is happier and actually holds his business until we set him on a toilet (who knew!?!?!).
  2. We are happier with less diapers to wash.
  3. The environment is happier with less water being used.
  4. Our cloth diapers will last longer for the rest of our kiddos to use.
  5. And it's pretty darn cool:)

PS- EC isn't potty training!! C can't do this on his own and will of course go in his diaper if we don't give him toilet access. He can't fully control his bladder/bowels either. So for now it's a partnership until he's 1-3 years old:)

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  1. Good for you. Glad you have a system that you're happy with. Caden looks REALLY cute in that first pic on the potty. :)