April 18, 2011

Happy List

A few things I love today:
  • The fact that my boy did all his bathroom business in the toilet this morning. Love using just 1 diaper all morning:)
  • The guest room color of paint J and I mixed up from leftover paint. Sweet, simple, refreshing.
  • My new lappie.
  • No wasps for 3 days!! Dare I hold my breath??
  • A load of clean cloth diapers drying.
  • Waiting for C to wake from a so far 1.5 hour nap so we can eat lunch with my mommy:)
  • Taking C to his first orchestra performance yesterday. He alternated among: hugging my neck, eating a Mum-Mum with J, and watching the musicians in amazement.
  • After listening to them play wonderful music, I got to eat lunch with my lovely seester and her Harvard bound boyfriend at a vegan cafe.
  • I will be 30 next week on Monday!! My birthday!!!!
  • Sunny springs that pop up overnight.
  • The fact that I can now grow as many dandelions in my lawn as I want. No neighborhood image to stress about, just cheery yellow flowers to smile at.
That's all folks!!


  1. I made it into a blog post... I'm famous!
    PS- dandelions are my favorite flower!

  2. Thanks for the happy list idea Christine!!!!

    Jo- aren't dandelions cheery!!! They do attract bees though....