April 12, 2011

C's Sad Cold

C has a bad cold so he's officially Cranky Baby:( Sad:( The good news is he slept until 8 this morning. The bad news is he woke up crying every 30-60 minutes pretty much the whole night Sunday and Monday. Poor little boy:( It's not a pretty sight when your kid with a snotty nose sneezes (thrice in a row) and while you are diving for a tissue, he rubs BOTH fists on his face. Yum. Those of you lacking imagination, NEVER FEAR, I was able to take a picture of one instance of this!!! Feel free to avoid looking at the last picture in this post.... It's pretty gross.

C has had 4 colds so far in his 7.5 months of "out of the womb life" living:
  1. Mommy could handle it= tiny cold. 2ish days.
  2. Mommy could handle it= tiny cold. 2ish days.
  3. Mommy could handle it= medium cold, sad little cough. 5ish days.
  4. Now: Mommy is struggling= BAD COLD. Snot everywhere, fussy, Sleepless in Indiana, "put me down and I will die" and such. Mommy is going crazy.

So Cranky Boy won't tolerate being put down so pretty much I'm holding him all day for 2 days now. Plus I've sheeted (pinned sheets over the doors) off my kitchen and closed the doors to the guest room and upstairs bathroom due to random wasp appearances. SHUDDER. Today we have a carpet guy coming to give us a quote for the guest room, tomorrow an exterminator for the HORRIFIC wasps, and Thursday a plumber to fix the pipes in the gaping hole in C's wall. We worked all weekend (when I say that, I mean it) and due to C's lack of normal sleep and naps, I had a pity party yesterday.

Such is life. MUSTMUSTMUST stick to our goal of only working ONE weekend day, not all day Saturday AND Sunday. Why do we keep FAILING at that????? Nothing like putting in a few weeks of NEVER ENDING work days, 7 days a week to make a Me cry.

In other news: Sadie has become very disobedient lately. As in: "I shall never respond to "Here!!" or "Come!!" unless they've dropped food on the floor!!!"
Living in a wilderness (sort of) has turned her into a WILD ANIMAL!!!! She's intent on feigning deafness when outside so the squirrels and groundhog will think she's cool. Fortunately she'll still obey me when I tell her to sit and stay in front of C so he can be entertained by someone other than me for a minute.


He prefers getting his toys out himself. See how neat the playroom looks? The rest of the house is in shambles.

Mommy, pick me up, I have a cold!!!

Fine then, I'll come to you!!! YOU DON'T LOVE ME!! PUT DOWN THAT CAMERA!! Can't you see I'm tired and sick????

Oh, you do love me!! Thanks!!

She plopped me in front of the bookshelves!??! How devilishly fun!! I shall create havoc!!


Wait, these down here are more fun to pull out.

Hmmm, what about these?



  1. Your pictures aren't working for me... oh no!

    Take a day off every week!!! It is seriously way too exhausting not to get some sort of break every week. If it were at all possible I would always finish that day off with a date night. :) But I'm giving this advice when I'm TERRIBLE about doing that myself.

  2. We tell ourselves that we must take off a day each weekend, but there are things we feel like we want/need to do. Some things feel urgent and time-sensitive, like planting veggies for this year. We need to get them in the ground soon, so we use that as a reason to work like gang-busters through the weekend. We accomplish a lot, but we do need to set aside time to recharge.

  3. Yeah, we're going to work harder at taking a day off from now on:) And Bekah, yeah. But I warned you!!