April 22, 2011

Earth Day!! And My Baby

Happy Earth Day!! To celebrate I'm painting more (Zero VOC paint), watching my babe, cooking dinner, and cleaning my house. What about you??

I feel as if I haven't blogged in a long time since I've been so busy with the house. Getting a room ready to be lived in takes a lot more work than we thought it would! The guest room will be orderly and complete today and I'll post pictures later.

C has learned how to do a lot this week: pull himself to a standing position on furniture, crawl, make funny mouth sounds, and move from his tummy to sitting. All this learning sure has impacted his sleep! Funky naps, weird night wakings. I will be glad to sleep past 5:30 again when he gets back to his normal schedule! For now I'm getting a lot done in the mornings since I get up so early. However, by afternoon, I'm drooping and ready to nap.... And then I get really grouchy and sarcastic. Must ACTUALLY take a nap this afternoon, not just think longingly of it.

BTW, this whole "C pulling himself up, standing, and grabbing everything in his reach" phase is a new, ahem, challenge. And he's been doing this for 2 days. 2 DAYS????!?!?!?!? Where did my immobile little sweetie go?? Now he's this scooting, crawling, standing sweetie who I watch carefully. Any second he'll fall and hit his head/mouth/forehead/general face area. I feel like a helicopter mommy but for now, I'd rather catch him than let him fall and cry. He's such a baby still:)

He's getting little bruises on his arms and legs from crawling over blocks and such.
He's eating bits of paper and dried drywall mud and my rainboots.
He's outwitting his mommy!!
He's exhausting me!!
He's 8 months!!

I love watching him grow, it's amazing:)

Back to it, C cannot distract me from my purpose: Happy Earth Day again!!! The following quote/status has been running rampant on Facebook lately:

Gas to jump to $5/gallon by Memorial Day. Obama said to get used to it and "trade your car in for an energy efficient car." With unemployment above 10% in many states, can YOU afford to trade-in? REPOST if you want Obama to get used to being a one-term President!!!

It makes me laugh heartily and scoff heartily. Please don't repost that quote. Americans are such greedy consumers, heaven forbid we buy fuel efficient cars or less crap or listen to anyone who suggests that.

I shall stop now before I begin a rant.


  1. I saw that facebook status recently and I was surprised by how angry it made me. I was really shocked by the attitude projected by that statement.

  2. Yeah, I'm not sure where the slam is being focused either: Obama, environmentalists, Democrats, fuel regulations? Elitists?
    I think you are right, the attitude of the statement is strong and odd!