June 16, 2010

Yes, it's late but at least I know where my kid is.....

After amazing nightmares (some including building cribs with sugar canes that were actually my arms that came alive and really long and unwieldy when I tried to chop them off), being kicked repeatedly in the bladder, and hunger gnawing at me, I've decided to just not sleep tonight. I'll catch up on it tomorrow if I need to.

It's 2:27 and I'm awake and Interneting. After ordering some kick ass calcium/magnesium supplements to make sure this doesn't continue happening. Nothing like restless legs AND arms to make me disrupt poor baby's schedule and stay awake all night. At least typing gives my arms something to do! You ever had the undeniable urge to move your arms and legs every 23 seconds? No?? GOOOD!!!!

Soooooo. What have I been up to lately? Not much. Picked up my in-laws at the airport last night and realized to what extent my nice little life has been "not much" lately. Can't very well entertain people with "Oh, I found some great, cheap baby clothes at a garage sale!" or "I stood outside for 30 minutes at the farmers' market today and thought I'd die in the heat!" or "Yes, my house is very clean and organized! Let me tell you all the steps I took to get it that way!". That kind of stuff doesn't float anyone's boat but mine.

So you just listen to people talk about their GIANT interesting things in life and feel a little pathetic for all the tiny interesting things that inundate your own life. They pale in comparison to driving through a sandstorm, visiting the Grand Canyon, moving to a new state, or fighting off raccoons in an attic. 

But I like my little life. I'm so happy and content with it. It's entertaining to watch thunderstorms from my porch, talk to my hubby for hours, read books, eat breakfast with friends until it is time for lunch, sew happy things, look at my tummy squirming, or rearrange the cramped garage for the trillionth time (cause we're moving and everything lives in the garage in a precarious balance now, not cause I'm OCD about my garage). 

Gotta be happy where you are, right? Good:) I'm happy. I live one of those quiet little lives filled with delight. What more could I ask for? The older I get, the more I realize not much!

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  1. As a person struggling to come up with answers other than "not much" lately, I love everything about this post.
    And yes, when I think about it, the only reason I feel discontented with my simple life is the pressure I feel from others. When I look at what I've got going on, well, I like it.