June 21, 2010

J and Sadie

I've got a list of 20 something things to do today and I'm posting to my blog. REAL focused. I'm eating lunch though, and multitasking greatly aids digestion. Plus my list is getting accomplished at a good rate!

The 2 creatures in my life that I deal with/love the most day to day are: J and Sadie. Similarities: Both share the irrational need to protect me. Here's how.

J has INSANE nightmares sometimes. Often he'll wake me from a deep sleep, shouting that there are spiders on my head/monster in the door/snakes crawling on me/and such. Since I've been married SOOOOOO LONG and am thusly patient, I merely scream at him to be quiet and go back to sleep. NOW!!! (While shaking him awake and sometimes kicking him or throwing things at him, depending on the distance.) In the morning, he's often upset that I was so mean to him when he was just trying to protect me. BY TERRIFYING ME AWAKE, IN THE DARK, AT 2:33 AM. Yep.

Sadie, my other beloved companion, is intent on keeping ALLLLLLLL forms of life at least 500 feet from the house. This includes cats, dogs, people, birds, and flies. Lately she's been doing a SUPER job at this. Not sure if it is due to my pregnancy and her need to protect or the fact that I'm home a lot more now.  And when I get on her case to be quiet and go back to sleep, her face and world droops. Apparently I need to let her chase my monsters away too.

Hubby and Doggy both imagine threats everywhere and try to shield me from them. And all I do is scream at them. Sigh. Horrible me.

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