June 22, 2010

My Monday

Yesterday I:

  1. Went for a funky rain walk/run.
  2. Researched stuff/ideas for Baby's room.
  3. Paid bills, balanced the budget, and made all the various calls that went with that.
  4. Figured out/called about insurance and leave stuff for the birth.
  5. Called and scheduled another realtor visit.
  6. Did the dishes 1.5 times...... dishes flood on the counter was averted. Mounting again though.
  7. Finished the laundry. Put it away. 
  8. Scrubbed out the new-t0-us deep freezer that had mold growing on/in it.
  9. Listed some stuff on Craigslist.
  10. Did Hypnobabies very well:)
  11. Wrote my sister a letter.
  12. Set out the recycling bins, put away the bin and trash cans.
  13. Spent an hour on the phone getting new insurance quotes for cars and house. Will save $800 when we switch!!!!
  14. Cleaned the closet.
  15. Made the bed, cleaned the house.
  16. Various other things that I did not have on the list. Including eating about 5 small meals.

Then I stopped to eat dinner and get ready to leave the house around 4:45. We went to our childbirth class from 6:30 until 10:15. Went home and slept through more storms with Sadie and J. 

Sometimes I just like to keep a list of what I did during the day so I feel accomplished. 


  1. Sarah is awesome at getting a LOT of stuff done every day. :)

  2. What information do you need to have in hand when doing insurance quotes? I need to do this but don't know if I have all the paperwork here.