June 1, 2010

Poison Ivy and Such

So I've got poison ivy splattered on my arms, knee, finger, and eyelid. And while it is tickly, itchy, and awful, it looks pretty cool. I'm really tempted to take pics of it and post it for other people to look at. But I won't because I know that would drive away my 2.3 readers.....

I've got the nephew and niece over today and its so nice. I'd much rather have them at the house with me all day than me at the house by myself all day. And they let me sleep until 9:30. Which was really responsible of the sole caretaker in the house: sleep while the chillens are running wild. But they played quietly and didn't wake me! Oops. 

Today we cleaned and packed lots, organized toys, they chalked on the driveway while I sanded a dresser, cleaned and organzied more, went to the grocery/meat market/pick up CSA food, made dinner, made ice cream, and now they are running a lot. Running in the front door, out the back door, through the gate, around the back of the fence, and around and around. I'm sitting on the front porch relaxing! Pretty sure I could handle doing this parenting thing. To a 9 and 5 year old. I'll let you know how it goes with a newborn in 3 months. 

Baby boy is kicking and twisting and turning. Must be the ice cream:) And now the kids are sitting in the driveway, listening to the ice cream truck, hoping he turns down our road. A good mom lets her kids make ice cream and then gives them money to buy even more! I'll be such a good mom!!!!

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  1. Awww...it sounds like the perfect day! You will be an awesome mom to a newborn. Just make sure you don't feed him too much dirt. ;)