September 16, 2009

Croak, Croak...

There's this blog I read called Dooce cause she's freaking HI-LAR-I-OUS. We both talk in caps a lot and maybe she yells a lot in real life, like I do. Anyway, she started a blog of HATEMAIL to make ad money off the crazy things people comment on her page/e-mail her.

I really like this idea. But I think if I got hate comments, I'd cry a lot. A LLLLLLOOOOOTTTTT. Because I am a wimp when it comes to accepting criticism. Or hate. It makes me sob and worry.

Guess what? I'm staying home from work tomorrow cause I'm losing my voice!!! I had to do this once last year, in December (3 days in the 3rd week that month) because I got a HORRIBLE cold, didn't rest, and it consumed my life. Seems familiar. Damn me and my not resting skills. Why is it when I feel fine, I am lazy but when I am sick, THINGS MUST GET DONE?

ANYWAY, I will be home tomorrow, antsy and home. I need to go out and buy dishwasher soap, return some things to stores, and drop off Goodwill stuff. But I'm scared to cause if any of my students' parents see me, they will immediately assume I'm skipping out on their kid to play hooky and run errands. When I speak/croak, they'll know I have a good excuse but what if they see me far off? What if they point fingers? CRITICIZE ME??????

I think I'll do my errands in a different town, not in mine.

BTW, I don't know how to spell criticize. Or errands. Or available. Isn't that smart of a teacher? But I am a very good teacher, a fine example to kids that not everyone is good at everything. I'm an amazing teacher but an atrocious speller.

New Harmony on Saturday, must be able to speak by then!!!

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