September 29, 2009

Money of Mine

Since I love getting grades (something to prove how AWESOME I am), I jumped at the chance to see my credit score grade. has a free credit score report and I would just like to say, I am an A. Yep, an A. So is hubby (don't know his report card score but he is a couple points higher than I am number-wise). We're going to get a SUPER interest rate on our next mortgage.

My fav part of the report was when it told me "You have a score better than 167 million people" and automatically that makes me better than 167 million people. If I wasn't as infantile as I am, this wouldn't matter. But today, I will be thinking in my head: I am better than 167 million people.

Yes, I am often this silly. And no, I REALLY don't think I am better than everyone else. I just like to indulge sometimes;)

Just on a side note, my blood type is A+.

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