September 22, 2009

I Worked Out

My one relaxing thing to do at work is to read Time Magazine. Odd, I know. But when I decide to have lunch in my room because the morning has been especially hairy, I enjoy reading the goings-on in the world, courtesy of Time. I get (or rather got) the mag free when my students got their Time For Kids last year. This year I'm doing National Geographic Explorer but do I get that free? NOOO. Fortunately, I get NG at home. Alas, this leaves me with nothing to read at work:(

So I had ONE issue of Time left and I read it last week during lunch. I really enjoyed this article about how exercising doesn't really help make you thin.

Basically, exercising won't make you thinner because you:
  1. Tend to eat more when you exercise since your body needs more energy to replace the calories you burned.
  2. Tend to eat more thinking you deserve that cookie since you worked out.
  3. Tend to be less active throughout the day/evening since you had such a hard workout.
Last Sunday I went to yoga. It was a new class and place so I didn't know their routine and MAN was I sweating like a pig by the end!!! I was WORKED OUT. Went to Whole Foods afterwards and thought, I can have a piece of pizza for lunch because I worked out! Sat around the rest of the day cause I worked out. Didn't want to do much cause I worked out. In the end, I did take Sadie for a walk. But I worked out, I didn't have to do anything, RIGHT?

So yes, makes sense how you can actually gain/replace weight when you exercise. SO TRUE!!

The cure for this is to be active DURING the day, not just at one big workout. As a teacher I walk, sit, stand, and scream (hehe) all day at my job. When I wear my pedometer, I get close to 10,000 steps by the time I get home. And then I take Sadie for a walk after dinner. I eat healthy generally. I'm good to go:)

I think I'm okay.
But I just wanted YOU to know about this.
Cause I worked out.

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