July 21, 2010

I Love Bebe

I love it when my baby kicks me in the ribs. And I think I'm not supposed to:) He's about 5 pounds now but I could sit around all day feeling him kick and squirm in there!! I think I should be complaining a bit more lately instead of enjoying this. If you agree, please see the following blog posts: here you go, and here. I complained at least twice and if you ask all my family members, they will testify that I complain a lot, I'm sure:) The full frontal adult whining can really drive them crazy!

But in reality, pregnancy hasn't been that bad at all. After listening to what women say about it, my pregnancy has been a walk in the park. Well, the nausea, severe hunger, and mood swings from months 2-4 were pretty awful but who can't handle 3 months of the stomach flu punctuated by hysterical crying sessions? Only a wimp!!!! January through March nearly did me in but April left me with nothing but easiness! At least I was suffering during dull, cold, dreary months. Everyone else in Indiana was also suffering I assume, though from the weather and boredom, not hormones and a child. Then in April we were all happy!! 

Baby still has to gain 2-4 more pounds of chub and then I'll let you know how the birthing portion of his life goes. Come back in September to read "Wow, pushing a baby out was amazing! I'd totally do that again to get a squishy, cuddly, adorable little baby!!"

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  1. I'll wait till you say that after birth...