March 25, 2011

Picture Post

Today you will be inundated with pictures of my life and baby. LOOK AWAY, THE BEAUTY IS OVERPOWERING!!!!! OMGZ!!!

Lilly (C's cousin), E (daughter of my college friend), and C. Lilly is about 2 weeks older than E and E is about 2 weeks older than C. Look at those smiles!! And you should have heard them all whining at once! Such a wonderful symphony! ;) Even better was when they were all napping at once:)

Hail that we got on Wednesday night. Wait, this shot is out of order. Woops, imagine it AFTER the sunny pics of C that are next. And you should have heard the hail on all our (8?) skylights!! THUNDEROUS!!!

Sweet C loves being outside. He dislikes eating grass and dried leaves but enjoys sticks. I think he would gladly play outside for HOURS without realizing he is hungry or tired! Makes it easier for me to get yard work done! We'll see how this happy arrangement changes when he starts crawling.... BTW, while outside, he got up on all fours and rocked back and forth! Oh no, he might learn how to crawl soon....

He wants the camera:) It's big, black, and YUMMY!!!

Daffodils are GROSS!!! Whose idea was it to hand me this flower? ICK!!

Got all my seeds in order! I'll plant the first ones this weekend (after I buy some soil and dig my heat mats out of a box hidden in the vast recesses of our messy garage...)!!!

C likes to tip and tilt like this when he's happy:) He often does it when people talk to him cause he's just so thrilled to have the social interaction! Mommy is old news;) I think this kid might actually have to go to preschool since he's such a social butterfly! Errands are C's favorite part of the day because he can get the attention of people who will coo and talk to him. BTW, I'm pretty sure J is happy in this pic.... looks a little annoyed at me for springing the camera on him as soon as he got home....

C has a new favorite sound: snorting. And he looks and sounds like a little pig when he does it!

Typical C- spit up boy. Only happens 1-3 times a day now. SOOO much nicer than 3-4 times after every meal:)

7 month old boy, cheesing for his monthly picture:)


  1. Love the picture posts (of course). The snort face is sooo adorable!

  2. Snort from son
    Nice smile from dad.