March 16, 2011

My Day

Yesterday was a busy day. Want to see? If not, go read something else a tad more interesting than my mundane life:)

Not in this order, but I did this yesterday:

  1. Packed and shipped my laptop away. Bye bye! Hello soon to a new one!!
  2. Washed 3 loads of laundry. Didn't fold them....
  3. Did a few loads of dishes. Sink and counters are covered in more waiting to be done right now...
  4. Ate a yummy lunch and finished this delightful book (finished it last night while Munchkin was sleeping).
  1. Made and baked 2 loaves of bread. Slow cooker-ed black beans for recipes and freezing.
  2. Froze beans, pasta sauce, and one pasta casserole. Ate the other pasta casserole for dinner;)
  3. Made the pasta sauce. Pretty!!!
  4. Cleaned the house. Obviously it needs cleaned again today because HEAVEN FORBID it stay clean more than one day;)
  5. Visited my grandmother.
  6. Most of this was done with C strapped to my back in the Ergo. Love the Ergo for my curious boy :D

This is what C did:

  1. Tiny napped. Played. Whined.
  2. Spit up everywhere except his bib. Mommy changed him. He still smelled icky but OH WELL.
  3. Looked cute.
  4. Fell over and bonked his head on the wood floor. Nursing made it better.
  5. Fell over and bonked his head on the wood floor. Nursing made it better.
  6. Bonked his head on Mommy's head (mean Mommy's fault!!!). Nursing and a nap made it better. Napped medium.
  7. Dug in his toys.
  8. Entertained LOTS of people at great-grandmother's nursing home. Had SOOO much fun being the center of attention.
  9. BONKED HIS HEAD AGAIN. Mommy needs to remember to set him on BLANKETS.
  10. Went to bed. Sad sad boy:(

Here's what Sadie did:

  1. Slept. All day.
  2. Ate C's food scraps.
  3. Probably ate her own poop while outside.


  1. This is an especially entertaining post. :)

  2. what a busy household! i adore that you have photos to illustrate. i know it probably isn't, but it sounds idyllic from the outside looking in.

  3. HAHA. Great Post! :) Sadie's part is hilarious, and well... very true. How did you get C to make that face?

    Love you,