December 10, 2010

New House

Master bedroom.

Living room.


Dining room.

Wooden stairway!!


Our house:)

We close on our new house in 1 week!!! Getting pretty excited! I've already had 2 people ask me, "What, you haven't actually bought the house yet?" Um, no, we haven't, we've just been talking about it non-stop! It's bank owned so from the time we put in an offer to the closing, it'll be about 1.5 months. Apparently that is common for banks?

And, since it needs some work, cleaning, and painting, we won't be moving in for another month. Sigh.

HOWEVER, one month from today, we'll be waking up in our new home! It will be so nice to have a house again! To have a dishwasher, mixing bowls, my own pots and pans, and our own furniture and things back! It has been wonderful being able to stay basically free at my grandmother's condo (while she's out of the country) and we are very grateful for it!! There's no place like home though....

PS- pardon the photo quality, I took them with my phone:)


  1. so exciting! i know how you feel :( i basically have the run of my mom's kitchen, but something inside me is starting to scream for my own kitchen again.