December 6, 2010


I read a few money saving websites/blogs like My Frugal Adventures, Slick Deals, Money Saving Mom, and Baby Cheapskate (I think I found most of these from my SIL Christine!). I do find some good deals, free stuff, and cheap things I wanted to order anyway. 

A lot of the sites help you save money with coupons, which I don't often use. Coupons aren't a part of my cheap life for a few reasons:

  1. First of all, we don't get a newspaper or go out and buy a Sunday paper (Sunday has all the coupons). Sadly, I canceled our newspaper subscription a year or two ago because I hated recycling that much paper every week. Plus, I often didn't have time to read the paper for my money's worth. I hate that I am helping print news die, but it's really not practical in my life. We do donate to NPR though!! Every year!!! That's where we get most of our news and we'll help them out if we can!
  2. Since I don't get a newspaper, I could still hunt for coupons online. But here's why I don't: I'm lazy. And busy. That's all.
  3. And what it really boils down to: we don't buy products that you generally use coupons on. The majority of our food is fresh produce, bulk grains, store brands, or bought at local stores. No one offers coupons for a bag of organic potatoes. Or 1.5 pounds of lentils. Or those eggs we get from my mom's friend. I don't use makeup, our toiletries are the 365 brand at Whole Foods, I make my hair gel, buy store brand toilet paper, ect. 

Things I often buy name brand that I suppose I could use coupons on: ice cream, pasta, razors, toothpaste,  tomato sauce, and flour. I think that's all. See, it's not enough to go through the trouble!!

So that's why I don't use coupons. Just thought I'd let you know about this EXTREMELY important area of my life. Commence with your normal, more interesting lives.


  1. Interesting that you brought this up. I've been seriously considering dropping the "deals" sites from my reader because I so rarely actually read them or use them. But every once in a while I find a gem, and then I decide to keep them.

  2. I agree! A friend of mine from college does a coupon blog and she spends a lot of dough saving all that money! I'm always disappointed that the coupons are for the more expensive products anyway.