January 28, 2011

Well Hello There!!

C's tummy is big enough to fit his number sticker now:)

I'M BACK!!!!!!

Oh my goodness gracious, life has been busy! And yes, I really do say things like "oh my goodness gracious", "oh dear", and occasionally "oh my stars".  As I write, there's a crew of people using a bulldozer filling in my pond, C is busy grabbing at a pile of papers on my desk, there's laundry to be folded, rooms to paint, books to read, fires to make in my TWO fireplaces, and a multitude of other tasks. 

Oh my.

And not just because C knocked down my desk papers and is eating some of them....

So, as I continue to attempt to get back to life as others without a bank owned house know it, there's an update on C's monthly pics cause they are easiest to explain and show. Though some monthly pics were taken late, THEY WERE ACTUALLY TAKEN. Pretty much his only photos in nearly 2 months...

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