May 4, 2010


Things I Really Love About Being Pregnant:

  1. Feeling the baby move. Never thought I'd be this delighted with a 1.2 pound creature stirring inside me. Makes me wonder if I have any other parasites lurking in my body:) Every time baby boy moves, I smile. Every time he kicks, I marvel. Really, I don't even know how to describe this. Cause I'm watching Glee while writing this and am distracted:)
  2. That J freaks out when I drop things in shower. He always comes and asks if I'm okay. I love/hate this because of course if I slipped and died in the shower, I'd scream to let him know. Duh.  Don't panic at every thump! Also, this morning, I woke up and thought "Hey, I don't even feel pregnant today!" and leaped out of bed, forgetting the mound that is my tummy/abs, loosing my balance, and slamming in to the wall to keep from falling (RO sentence). This made him come and check if I was okay. OBVIOUSLY I AM. Did you hear a scream? NO. 
  3. People pat my tummy and talk to baby boy:) We like this:) If you see us, pat us:)
  4. I want to drink tons of water. This is pretty neat for a non-thirsty person like me!
  5. That I am NOT nauseas everyday anymore!!!! SUPERDUPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. You like the patting! Micah used to FREAK OUT when I dropped stuff in the shower, too. :)