May 6, 2010

3 Negative Facets of Life

Things I Don't Appreciate That Much:

  1. Clematis plants that leave their trellises (PS I had to look up how to pluralize 'trellis'). I double check dear clematis' stability and then 2 weeks later they've jumped to nearby trees and grounds to grow. Then there is me, panting and heaving this mound of a plant up to the trellis and fence, jerking scores of ravenous vines back where they belong. Nothing like containing nature. 
  2. The waddling that is my sexy walk now. Waddle waddle waddle. Hahaha:) I look funny:)
  3. Sadie eating the gum, lip gloss, and Emergency Hunger Situation Defcon 12,000 Granola Bars in my purse. Why is she doing this? Is it a phase? Will I seriously have to lift my purse and hang it every day instead of throwing it on the floor? 

And wow, how nice to have such trivial things on my mind!! Life is good and happy. I have fresh water every day (coming from my sink, in my house!!!!!! Thanks NG!!!)! I have a yard to work on! I have Baby Boy coming in 4 months! I have a delightful hubby to annoy!!!


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