May 19, 2009


That's what I've got, ladies and gents. I've been asked not to walk on my metetarsalagia-ed foot unless it is unavoidable. For the next week. Allow me to be sad for a moment because this is what the next week holds: crazy kids, field day (my absolute favorite day of the school year), a lovely weekend, Memorial Day, crazy kids, picnic and kite day, and the last day of school. 

There. Now I am done.

Right now J is in the kitchen singing about some cupcakes my friend Kaycie made. Apparently sugar turns him on tonight!! He's so weird. Yesterday he walked through the living room and kitchen carrying the weed wacker because it was shorter than going around the house and through the gate. Last weekend, after working on the car, he wiped engine grease off his hands with tissues. The other day he wiped the table with his hands.

I think I am getting irritable for too many little things and need to shut up!!!! J is a wonderful husband:) Boy, I'm sweet tonight!!!!

Pic info: My sister's violin, a spider my brother told me to photograph w/ his macro lens, my Mac and rock candy.

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