May 15, 2009

It's All About ME

So there's a pic of me now, with short hair. And there's one of me 3 years ago, with long hair. I'm growing it out now because for some really odd reason I think I should have long hair when I have my first kid. I don't really know why....

I really liked that jacket I was wearing in the second pic. I borrowed it from Summer and very much wanted to 'long term borrow' it. It was the perfect jacket.... Sigh....

J and I went to Buca de Beppo's tonight for dinner because we had a coupon. We both agreed it was a bit yucky and decided we would stick to our nice locally owned restaurants from now on, even if we don't have coupons. What a horrible salad!!! And it is hard to mess up salad!!!

I gave blood today. Anyone want to see the bloody gauze I just pulled off my arm? Anyone? I think I will go throw it in J's face. And yes, sometimes I am that immature. But as with the hair, things will change next year. When children arrive, I will cease to be this self-centered and silly. I will be wise and have a firm grasp on reality. I solemnly swear I will. 


  1. YOU?! Mature?!
    By the way... nice nose... very flattering picture.

  2. Hey...we were going to go to Bucca because of a coupon. Brady got home too late. Apparently the coupons are working. :)