February 8, 2011

My Lack of Fashion

My friend's blog post reminded me I need help.

I've been stuck in a "Now I have a baby and where did the time go?/Why yes, I did buy a fixer upper house that I work on for hours each day!/I don't want to spend the money" fashion mode lately. I'm generally not the kind of person to go for anything stripped/spotted/flowery so my clothes are pretty much mono-colored. As in:
I keep wearing my long sleeved, soft/comfy black, grey, brown, or white tees with a sweater and jeans. Yes. EVERY DAY.

Getting a little dull.

Now that I'm not wearing my junk painting clothes ALLLLL DAY LONG, I am feeling the need for variety. And I need it now. Nursing baby C is SUCKING/BURNING the weight off me faster than I can eat and replace it. None of my pants fit anymore, even my pre-baby ones. NOT A SINGLE PAIR. Belts are my best friend:)

Also, I'm notoriously cheap. Not a great thing when it comes to a wardrobe. I struggle to buy things that are high quality and easy on the wallet instead of IT'S ON CLEARANCE, MUST BUY IT NOW!!!

I need some fashion sense again instead of "it's easy, wear it" sense. The thing is, I don't really know how to make clothes look hotawesome while staying warm and comfortable.

Ideas? Blogs? Help? Hints?

Maybe I'll leave C with his baby daddy and go to Goodwill this weekend. And Target:)


  1. I get stuck in the sweaters and jeans mode a lot too. I find that tossing on a filmy scarf (a nice change from the wool ones!) and one of my grandma's pins instantly makes me feel like I've at least tried a little.

  2. Do you read The Pleated Poppy? She does "What I Wore Wednesday" for this very reason- that she wants to be accountable for what she wears.

  3. Try Marshal's. I haven't shopped for clothes since last September because of my budget but I used to go there. They have a ton of blouses, t's, pants, scarves, and boots on sale and they're usually the main brands from overstock.