February 2, 2011

Group Coupons!!!

So my new fun activity is: group coupon deals!! Here's what I've scored lately:
  1. For Christmas, J got me a $12 Groupon to Love Stamped where I got this. Mine says "You are my sunshine" since that's what I sing to C every single nap, on our way upstairs to the rocking chair:) My hubby and baby are my daily sunshine!
  2. I bought a Groupon for That Fun Place, a local restaurant/putt putt/pizza/playground restaurant for my sister, nephews, and niece. 4 kids with wristbands for unlimited playing while the adults dine on pizza and drinks? $18? Yes please!
  3. Spent $1 at Dealpulp for a box of gently used clothes for C at Thred Up. I'm waiting until spring so I can get him some summer clothes since he's stocked on winter stuff for now.
  4. Got an $20 Amazon giftcard for (:FREE:) at Living Social. This was supposed to be $10 but if you shared a link to it with 3 friends who also bought the deal, you got it free. I got it free:) Haven't spent it yet but plan on getting toiletries or stuff for our needy house.
  5. At Green Savings Indy I scored $35 worth of local, organic produce and syrup from Green B.E.A.N. Delivery for $15. Score! I spend that much on maple syrup alone but this way I get a whole box of veggies and fruit for free!!
  6. Curently I've got a $10 credit at Buy With Me and I'm just waiting for something I need to pop up.
  7. J bought us $36 of yummyness at Creation Cafe (a restaurant we love in Indy) for only $18. The food is creative, organic, and local and it's right on the Canal downtown:)
So basically the necklace and restaurant coupons are the only ones we didn't 'need'. The others coupons I knew we'd use anyway and by buying the coupon, we pay much less for items we need.

Since these deals are generally only around for 24 hours, there's pressure on consumers to "buy it now!!" As long as you make sure you really need the product and that it is a worthwhile deal, go for it! Also, many of the sites offer $5-10 credits for new members!

Nothing like saving moola:)

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