November 11, 2010


Well, as everyone knows, I'm a homebirth advocate:) We had our baby at home on August 22 (and I say we because J was working pretty darn hard with me too!!). Giving birth was the most challenging thing I've ever done in my life. Totally hard. FREAKING hard. 

But oh my was it worth it:) And yes, I'll do it again at home with the next kid!

Anyway, someone shared this article on FB that condenses the reasons for having a homebirth in a neat little article. There were a 2 parts that I loved most:

When a woman is at home she can groan and make natural sounds (these sounds actually open up her pelvis); she can eat when we she needs to; rest when she needs to; have privacy when she needs to; kiss her partner, be held; walk around, look out at nature, and basically do what feels best for her. 

Very true:) Nothing like being "at home" where you have your baby.

A friend of mine who had both of her babies at home described just that: "The best thing about giving birth at home was that I never had to leave my home. I could be rooted there. My husband brought me smoothies. I could hop in the tub when I wanted to. I could get on all fours. Then after the birth, I was exhausted and all I wanted to do was curl up with my baby, and that is exactly what I did."

Reminds me seeing my little guy for the first time:) It was perfect, as if this little gray and pink creature squirming and grunting on my chest had always been in my life. Nothing new, nothing crazy, just my marvelous baby on the outside of me:)

And after everything was cleaned up and everyone left, J, unnamed babe, and I went to sleep together in our own bed:) 

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