November 9, 2010

Car Rides of DEATH

This afternoon I need to go to the grocery store. And this seemingly simple task has me stressed already on this lovely sunny Tuesday. Here's why:

This Chubby Little Angel makes my life a living hell in the car. And I realized yesterday that I'm getting slightly bitter about it. It doesn't matter if I leave the house when C is sleepy, full, and clean, he will scream until I pull over/arrive at destination and pick him up. Scream for the whole trip, cling frantically to Mommy afterward. It's our routine now:(

Just thinking about it is making me cringe because there is nothing worse than Tiny Ball of Delight and Smiles shrieking as if you've abandoned him in the middle of nowhere with no milk, no warm cuddles, and no naked bottom tummy time.

I need to remind myself that all of my 7 nephews and nieces behave very admirably in the car now that they are older. Baby C will do the same at some point in time! After all, he sleeps so well through the night, naps so marvelously each morning, what are car rides and PM nap disasters compared to that?!?! 


Sorry for the complaints:(


  1. Eh, he will most definitely grow out of it. Garrett was my worst car screamer and I remember the agony of it. Yuck. Not. Fun. Driving 40 minutes to mom's house from Castleton with Garrett screaming the whole way-those were the days. ;)

  2. Haha! Okay, it's not really funny, but our daughter's 17 months old and still occasionally goes through the odd screaming-in-the-car phase. The worst one was shortly before her first birthday, when we were house shopping and on the road ALL THE TIME. I still cringe when I think about it. It will get better!

  3. Yeah, right about that age is when we drove home to Indiana with Charlie for the first time. TERRIBLE.

    We couldn't decide what to do about it, honestly. I still don't know if we were doing the right things... Sometimes, ten minutes from home, we would pull over and console her. Other days we would all just endure the pain until we got home.

    Most of the time things are much better now in the car, but yes, we still have the odd, agonizing car rides, too.