August 18, 2010


It's been a while peeps. Here's an update on my current life:

  • Helped my sister move in to her new college apartment today. It's so nice!!
  • Delightful, beautiful, sweet new niece will be 1 month tomorrow! New apartment sister will be 19 tomorrow!!
  • Someone wants to buy my house! The couple likes it a lot and put in the offer that my curtains will stay with the house. Poor red kitchen curtains:(
  • I need to relax more cause I'm almost out of time to do that! So I took a 1.5 hour nap today. Apparently moving someone in makes me tired.
  • It's easier to stay awake at night than to get comfortable and sleep. Funny:)
  •  My toosh hurts when I drive. But only on the left side. 
  • I LOVE summer food!!! Nothing like eating tons of fresh veggies and fruit from the CSA or farmer's market.
  • Only 2 more weeks until this baby is fully cooked! In fact, he can really come now and we'd all be perfectly happy:)

That's all for now:)


  1. Don't window treatments usually stay with the house when you sell it? We always had to leave ours...and our lawn ornaments. :( Where's your CSA? I'm jealous.

  2. Wait, who seriously says I'll buy the house as long as the curtains stay? That's a condition for divorces, not buying houses. That aside, yay for fresh foods and babies. How exciting that yours is nearly here :)

  3. Bekah, you'll find that home buyers will put just about anything in their purchase agreement from "we want your patio table and chairs to stay....we want your china cabinet to stay." They even made me leave handmade bricks with my parents' names and anniversary date baked into them that were part of our flower garden...I couldn't even dig up any of my favorite perennials--including my great-grandmother's rose bush. Now, that hurt. Curtains I would be less upset about.

  4. Yeah, blinds and shades like that are normally left. But these are curtains that I made and a rod I bought. WTF? I am just happy they like the house enough to want my curtains and like my decor....
    It is crazy the things people request the seller to leave!!

  5. I know that the requests often seem unreasonable but I have found from expierences like this that I don't leave anything visible that I don't want negotiated in. I feel that it is a given kind of like seller paying closing costs. I had my husband replace my ceiling fans. My brother-n-law was made to leave a couch. That I thought was weird. But that is the reason that people go back and forth on the price to include such items. I believe all window coverings are usually very common. Feel flattered that she liked them enough to want them in a contract. I doubt that it is a matter of a condition more of a convience for the buyer. The great thing is that if you are selling that means you are buying and can negotiate too. :o)

  6. Imo, tell the buyer you're pregnant and will tackle her like Peyton Manning all over Tom Brady if she wants the curtains. You'll win. I guarantee it. No one doubts a Peyton Manning analogy.

  7. Wow. Everyone seems passionate about this post. Any hoot--I agree with what someone else wrote that if you explained to her/him that you made them or that they were of sentimental value that she/he'd gladly let you keep them. Congrats on the le petit enfant and Go Colts!

  8. I'm sorry that you and your sister were so offended by my request for your red kitchen curtains to stay behind. I'm even more sorry that you declined our very reasonable offer. It's a buyer's market and we'll find another house. We just could not come up with any more money and felt your realtor was very rude and unreasonable. Good luck to you and Jeremy.

  9. Mrs. Mark, we were not offended by the request. I was merely stating that it was an odd thing to leave behind. Since I am not yet a home-owner I don't know what's typical to have included in conditions. Also, what makes you think that I am her sister? And I'm pretty sure a fine line between seller and buyer was crossed when you decided to snoop out this blog and post on personal opinions. A public blog is no place to state your negative opinions about someone's house-selling habits or realtor. However, good luck on finding another house.